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Wedding, it’s one of those days in life that we’re preparing for a long time. When planning this day, we take care of absolutely everything, even the smallest details. We take into consideration the decoration of the hall and tables, tablecloths, tableware, cutlery, chairs, labels and others. Our event must be perfect and delight all guests.

Do plastic bottles match our vision of the perfect decor? Not necessarily!

We all pay attention to the aesthetic appearance of surrounding. The decoration of the banquet hall and tables strongly affects the visual experience. Plastic, colourful bottles often disturb the perfect appearance of tables and spoil the organisers’ efforts.

The easiest way to solve the unattractive appearance of bottles is to use neo-be covers, which elegantly match with other details of the decor. The additional advantage is that they keep thermal insulation, so that chilled beverages keeps their temperature longer.

Those who want to create a unique composition and original decor, can order personalised covers that will harmonise with other ornaments representing one style. Such details, refined and thoughtful, make the whole decoration perfectly harmonise with each other and constitute a wonderful setting for a wedding or other party, celebration or banquet. In addition, they can be an original gift for guests.

Neo-be covers are available in various sizes and fit the bottles of the most recognisable beverage manufacturers. Our covers are manufactured with the greatest attention to detail, and the most important attributes are:

1. Elegance – elegant and unusual bottle covering will make the table look aesthetically, charming and harmonises to the whole interior

2. Functionality – the contents of the bottles remains chilled for longer and is protected from solar radiation during outdoor events

3. Customisation – the possibility of printing logos, dates, names, photos, important quotes or other information makes the covers unique and fitting perfectly other design elements

Our offer is addressed to newlyweds-to-be, wedding venues, hotels, decoration studios, florists, stores with wedding articles, or companies organising banquets and parties. Good hotels and wedding decoration studios more and more often have neo-be covers on their offer.

Check our offer

Check our neo-be offer. Make your celebration special.

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