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1. Standard White - Neo-be
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1. Standard White

White is associated with simplicity and elegance. It is ideal for both modern and traditional style. Chic and unusual neo-be bottle covers makes the table look aesthetically and gives charm to the interior.

Wedding venues, hotels and decoration studios often have neo-be covers on their offer.

The price of the White Standard cover is £6.99 / unit.

Applicable to a cover of standard size matching the bottles of 1 liter capacity. The dimensions of the cover: height: 24.5 cm, width: 14.5 cm (at the base). Please contact us if you are interested in other sizes.



Neo-be bottle covers are made of high quality neoprene foam and have the following properties:

  • thermo-insulating – protect the contents of the bottle against rapid cooling or heating
  • resistant to UV rays – can be used outdoors
  • flexible and stretchable – match the shape of the bottle
  • resistant to mechanical deformation – do not deform
  • durable – can be used multiple times, protect against damage and dents
  • waterproof – protect against rain
  • safe – bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms do not breed
  • hypoallergenic
  • light