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2. White Customised - Neo-be
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2. White Customised

Those who want to create a unique composition and an original decoration matching the whole picture can order customised covers and take advantage of the possibility of printing (e.g. names of newlyweds, wedding dates, photos of newlyweds, important quotes, song lyrics, poems, logos or other information). Such details, refined and thought-out, make the whole decoration perfectly harmonise with other elements and constitute a wonderful setting for a wedding party, or other occasions, celebrations or banquets. In addition, such customised covers can be an original gift for guests and will be the perfect souvenir from this special day.

The price of the White Customised cover is £7.99 / unit.

Applicable to a cover of standard size matching the bottles of 1 liter capacity. The dimensions of the cover: height: 24.5 cm, width: 14.5 cm (at the base). Please contact us if you are interested in other sizes.



Neo-be bottle covers are made of high quality neoprene foam and have the following properties:

  • thermo-insulating – protect the contents of the bottle against rapid cooling or heating
  • resistant to UV rays – can be used outdoors
  • flexible and stretchable – match the shape of the bottle
  • resistant to mechanical deformation – do not deform
  • durable – can be used multiple times, protect against damage and dents
  • waterproof – protect against rain
  • safe – bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms do not breed
  • hypoallergenic
  • light